Journal Articles

Journal Articles

Rapid FDI expansion and firm performance (co-authored). Journal of International Business Studies 42(8), 979-994, 2011 

How to further exploit social capital: An empirical investigation of three dimensions of social capital and their contributions to individual performance (co-authored). Asian Business and Management 10(4), 485-507, 2011 

벤처기업의 특성과 본 글로벌성향: 한국 벤처기업의 창업자, 기술자원, 네트워크를 중심으로 (공저). 국제경영연구 21(3), 21-46, 2010

International expansion strategies of Korean venture firms: Entry mode choice and performance. Asian Business and Management 7(1), 95-114, 2008 

포스코 자동차강판 사업의 글로벌 전략 (공저). 국제경영연구 19, 1-26, 2008

현대모비스의 새로운 선택 (공저), 경영교육연구 11(2), 29-51, 2008

북경현대차 (BHMC) 의 중국시장 유통채널전략에 관한 사례연구 (공저). 국제통상연구 11(2), 53-79, 2008

Lessons from the Korean Crisis: Policy and managerial implications (co-authored). Long Range Planning 40(4), 431-445, 2007 

북경현대 (BHMC) 중국합작 회사설립 및 파트너 전략에 관한 사례연구 (공저). 국제통상연구 12(1), 201-229, 2007

동풍열달기아 (DYK) 중국시장 유통채널전략에 관한 사례연구 (공저). 유통과학연구 4(2), 145-165, 2006

The Internet era and the international expansion process: The moderating role of absorptive capacity. Management International Review 45(3), 277-306, 2005 

Consider cost and strategy when choosing between expatriate and host-national managers (co-authored). Journal of Business and Management 11(1), 59-71, 2005 

Information technology and E-commerce strategy of entrepreneurial ventures: A contingency approach based on information-processing theory,  Journal of E-Business 4(1), 41-57, 2004  

인적 자원 관리의 실행이 기업 내 지식이전에 미치는 효과에 관한 연구 (공저). 국제경영리뷰 8(1), 105-119, 2004 

Foreign market uncertainty and incremental international expansion: The moderating effects of firm, industry, and host country factors (co-authored), Management International Review 42(4), 419-439, 2002  

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